You're not alone – merchants have asked for tasks that do any of these sorts of things:

  • Tag draft orders based on the staff person who created it
  • Send summaries of draft orders via email or Slack, including the name of the staff person who created the draft order

As of 2018-10-16, the Shopify API does not include information about who created the draft order, which means Mechanic can't automatically make decisions or run actions based on which staff person created (or updated) the order.

(Here's a current definition of what data Shopify does include for draft orders.)

If this is an issue for you, please let Shopify know directly by emailing Having Shopify hear from you directly is the best way to improve this in the future.


You can work around this by adding the staff person's name to either the draft order note ("Created by Jane Doe") or tags ("jdoe"). Shopify does include the note and tags in the Shopify API, which means Mechanic can make decisions and run actions based on that information.

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