With the advent of sales channels, it's common to want (or need!) to fine-tune visibility for different products or collections.

However, Shopify hasn't made it possible for third-party apps to manage publications across channels. There are hints this functionality in different areas of the API, but it's very clear that Shopify does not openly extend this kind of flexibility to developers or merchants via the API, beyond the age-old ability to publish or unpublish to the online storefront and to point of sale.

If this is a pain point for your business, please let Shopify know directly! You can reach them at support@shopify.com.

Related information

  • Several forum threads on this subject
  • Product REST API, defining the current ability to publish and unpublish to the online storefront and point of sale
  • publishablePublish and publishableUnpublish, two GraphQL mutations through which this will probably be possible in the future (both requiring the write_publications scope, which appears to require Shopify's approval before an app can request it)
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