Sending email with Mechanic, using the email action? Use templates to make sure your emails match your brand.


1. Navigate to your Mechanic account settings.

From the main Mechanic screen, scroll down to your account summary to find this link.

2. Find the "Email templates" setting, and click the "Add template" link.

3. Replace the default template with the HTML/CSS of your choice.

Use the {{ body }} and {{ subject }} variables to insert the actual content of your email.



If you're using OrderlyEmails, find the code for the "Blank" template, copy its code, and paste it in as your Mechanic email template. No further changes to the code are necessary – Mechanic will take care of making sure that the right variables are inserted. :)

Using multiple templates

Mechanic will always default to using the template named "default", when present. Feel free to add additional templates – just remember to update your task(s) to use the appropriate template.

Here's an example email action, specifying a non-default template:

  "action": {
    "type": "email",
    "options": {
      "to": "",
      "subject": "Hello world",
      "body": "It's a mighty fine day!",
      "template": "welcome"
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