If you're reading this, you may have seen a different price for Mechanic than you expected when you first installed.

First things first: our priority is to do right by you, and we're sorry for any confusion.

Mechanic's fee per month is based on your Shopify plan, as you may have seen in our app store listing:

In brief, this means that not everybody gets the same monthly price.

We do this to keep our tools accessible to as many people as possible, while charging for the high-quality product we produce. If you're running a large business, and your Shopify account reflects that, we'll charge you more for our work. If you're running a small business, and you're on a similarly small Shopify account, you'll see that reflected in our pricing.

Having said all of that, our goal is to achieve a fair exchange of value that benefits both you, the merchant, and us, the developers. If the price you see prevents Mechanic from benefiting you, reach out to us, and let's compare notes. :)

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