In Mechanic, a task is a package of logic (learn more!) - it's how each piece of automation for your shop is defined. We have a constantly growing library of pre-built tasks, ready to add to your account, but often you'll want to set up something custom for your shop's unique needs. 

To request a new task, open your Mechanic account, use the "Request a task" link, in the "New task" area.

This will open a new chat window, where you can discuss your chat request with our team. We'll be happy to help. :)

Can I create my own task?

By all means! Tasks are backed by Liquid scripts, and are very similar to the templates used in Shopify storefront themes. If you've done a little coding before, you'll find task scripting very approachable.

To get familiar with Mechanic task scripts, take a look at our task library - the source code for every task is published there (e.g. Auto-tag new customers). Next, explore the documentation, starting with this article on Scripts. If you have any questions, use that chat button in the corner. :)

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