The event object describes an incoming event.

How to access it

  • Use {{ event }} in any task script

What it contains

  • "topic" – containing the event topic (e.g. shopify/customers/create)
  • "data" – containing all data that arrived with this event (e.g. the webhook payload from Shopify, the data from an incoming email, etc)
  • "source" – reflects the entity that triggered the event (e.g. "shopify", "user")
  • "created_at" – the date and time at which Mechanic received the event
  • "parent" – if applicable, a reference to the event that used an event action to create this event

In preview mode, this object also contains a "preview" attribute, set to true. When this attribute is true, Mechanic will use the resulting actions to show a merchant a preview of what the task will do, and also to determine what permissions to request. Learn more about preview actions

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